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Event Script


Lumina Draconis


Stan: Cut it out...stop...

Stan: Please stop it...Why are you doing this to me?


Captain: The secrecy of this operation must be maintained. Don't think badly of us.


Stan: But I only wanted to go to Seinegald!

Stan: No way, please wait!


Captain: If we hadn't been carrying that, perhaps things might have been different for you, but...


Soldier: Hey, who the hell threw that!?

Soldier: You little punk...! So you brought a few friends along too, huh?


Stan: I...I don't know anything about that.


Captain: What was that!?


Crewman: A huge swarm of monsters is approaching from ahead! There's too many of them!


Captain: Ridiculous! Monsters raiding a Flying Dragon is...


Crewman: Your orders, sir!


Captain: All crew, engage battle plan level one! We can't let them get inside the ship!


Crewman: Yes sir!


Stan: Now's my chance...

Stan: Aah!

Stan: At this rate I won't last long...There's gotta be a weapon somewhere around here.


(Approach Any Monster Without a Sword)


SKIT (Got to find a weapon quickly...)

Stan: If I don't hurry and find a weapon, then...


(Approach the Cargo)



Certain objects that block your path can be gripped using the circle button, and pushed and pulled via the directional pad or left analogue stick.



Let's try moving the cargo ahead to clear a path.


(Check Monitor in Right Room)


On the screen, there seems to be a display of the status of the inside of the ship.


(Get Close to Dimlos's Room)


Stan: Damn!

Stan: Grandpa...Lilith...

Stan: No...! I don't want to die in a place like this!


?????: You over there!


Stan: Huh?


?????: Oh? It appears that you can hear my voice. Then perhaps you have some merit.


Stan: Who's there?


?????: Do you want to know? Then come further inside.


Stan: Inside...?

Stan: Something's shining...over there?


Stan: There's no one here...

Stan: This is...a sword?

Stan: But it's kind of a weird shape...I wonder if it's usable?

Stan: Tch! It's not the time to be worrying about something like that!

Stan: So long as it's a weapon, I won't lose to creeps like you!


(After Battle)


Stan: What's with this sword? It feels strangely natural in my hand...

Stan: Is this...ship gonna be okay?

Stan: I wonder what's going on outside?


(Exit the Room)


Stan: Damn, again?

Stan: You're...?

Stan: ...!

Stan: A woman...?


?????: Hey! Why do you have it?


Stan: Huh? 'It'?


?????: That sword! Hand it over! It's not yours to take!

?????: Oh enough already! Why do they just keep coming and coming!?

?????: Don't tell me they're after the sword too!


Stan: It seems like there's no end to them.


???: Rutee!

???: The crew has been annihilated. At this rate, the ship is going to crash.


Stan: Annihilated!?


???: Let's make our escape quickly!


Rutee: Ah, w...wait a minute! We still haven't gotten the sword we came for!


???: There's no time!


Stan: This is bad...! I've got to get out of here quickly as well.


(Check Any of the Bodies)


There's no response.


(Return to the Deck)


Stan: Got it; I can use one of those.




Stan: Uwaaaaaaaaaaa!

Stan: Is this the end?


?????: Don't give up...


Stan: ...The same voice as before?


?????: What is your name?


Stan: Stan...Aileron...


?????: Listen, Stan.

?????: I'm going to lend you my power.

?????: So I ask that you believe in me.

?????: Hold me tightly in your hand.

?????: And call out my name.


Stan: I can hear the sword...


?????: My name is...


Stan: Your name is...

Stan: Dimlos!


Stan: Uu...


Dimlos: Hey! Stan!

Dimlos: Snap out of it! Stan!


(Cue Opening Movie)




The Talking Sword


Stan decides to stow away on a dragon ship in order to reach Seinegald. The ship is attacked by monsters. In order to fight with them, Stan searches for a sword. Having fled from the monsters, he eventually finds himself cornered in the ship's hold, where he hears a voice, and sets out to find its owner. In the ship's storehouse, he finds a mysteriously shaped sword. After dispatching a monster that attacked him, there is a severe tremor, and, concerned, Stan leaves the hold in order to check the state of the ship. Upon entering the hall, he meets a girl called Rutee. The girl's companion lets them both know that the ship is on the verge of crashing, and Stan sets out to find an escape route. If he doesn't hurry, it'll be too late!

Translation by Richard Meadows (Kirby) and Melody.

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