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Event Script




Mary: We've arrived in Calvalese.


Rutee: Hoooot, what’s with this place, geez...?


Mary/Stan: Feels Greeeeaaaat!


Rutee: Yo Stan, are you serious?


Stan: Hot weather is the best. Makes you feel in spirits.


Rutee: This man is serious...


Philia: (opposite huh?)


Chaltier: What shall we do now, Bocchan?


Lion: We need to go to Baruk’s office, the local Oberon HQ.


Stan: We can get information there, huh?


Lion: You, where is Baruk's headquarters?


Stan: Excuse me, I'd like to get some directions.

Stan: Ehhh, what’s going on? All the townspeople are so cold.



Lion: We need to find Baruk’s office somewhere in the town.



Rutee: Philia Bomb, eh?

Stan: …

Dimlos: …

Stan: Stan Tornado!




Rutee: It’s way too hot out here!

Philia: Mary-san doesn’t look too well.

Rutee: She was okay in the Phandarian region; Mary’s real strong.

Stan: Uhhhhhhhhh...Mary-san just fainted.

Rutee: She should just speak up if she isn’t feeling well.



Mary: ...

Rutee: Mary are you ok?

Mary: Ah, what was I doing?

Rutee: That’s what I want to know.

Mary: It felt like my memory came back.

Stan: Really!

Mary: No, not really.

Rutee: Then don't say it in the first pace.


(Baruk’s Office)


Lion: It’s been awhile, Baruk.


Baruk: Lion, good job getting here. Did you hear about us from the townspeople?


Lion: No, we just wandered here; the people were not talkative at all.


Rutee: This is coming from you?

Rutee: Mary look, there is something cute over there.


Mary: Where?


Baruk: Hahahaha...The people here are thick headed.

Baruk: They are historically like this. Don't let it bother you.


Philia: History?


Baruk: They were involved in some great war.


Stan: Is it The War of Heaven and Earth?


Baruk: That’s right.


Dimlos: ......


Rutee: I’m not really worried about that; we never heard of it anyway.


Baruk: ...

Baruk: The truth is that the people of Calvalese are (heroes?)

Baruk: ...

Baruk: My name is Baruk ...


Stan: Wow, you're great for helping out the people.

Stan: I've never known of a place like this.


Baruk: I can still climb higher...basically.

Baruk: ...Ah that’s right. I know of the situation. Hugo-sama notified me.

Baruk: Looks like you are searching for the Eye of God.


Stan: That’s right; do you know where it might be?


Baruk: I've looked into it, but I haven't found any clues.

Baruk: A large ship did arrive at port sometime ago.

Baruk: I will tell you anything else I find. For the time being, rest in the town.


Stan: Got it. We’re in your debt.


Baruk: Leave it to me. ...Other than that, you surprised me.


Stan: About what?


Baruk: I've never seen Lion get along with anyone.


Stan: We're comrades, of course we get along.

Stan: Right, Lion?


Lion: Don't assume things like this, Baruk. I am not their comrade.


Stan: You don't have to say things like this. We've been together all this time.


Lion: I was ordered to take you with me. I would have been fine by myself!


Stan: Lion...


Lion: All those feelings do is hold you back, got it? I won’t say it again.

Lion: I hate happy-go-lucky people like you.


Baruk: Don't feel bad, he’s always been like this.


Stan: It’s okay; I’m sure we will get along some day.

Stan: I like that guy; he is a good person so I believe in him.


Baruk: I’m sure there will be a day when he understands that.

Baruk: Those kinds of feelings, he'll come around.




Stan: Who was that person just now?


Chaltier: An informant; we had to exchange money.


Dimlos: Did you discover anything?


Chaltier: Looks like there is a cave that is a possible hideout.

Chaltier: Seems that a large ship passed this country and headed there.


Rutee: Doesn't that mean that …


Philia: But Baruk-san said that he knew nothing.


Dimlos: That man was probably hiding information.


Clemente: Hmm. Looks like the people of this country can not be trusted easily.


Stan: Though he is such a good person...


Philia: I just recalled. Certainly...

Philia: The people of this country were on the side of Heaven.


Clemente: That could men that the people are trying to use the Eye of God.


Dimlos: Where is Kalviola?


Chaltier: The information that we got said it was close.


Stan: Lion, lets check it out!



Stan: We have to hurry and find Greybum!

Rutee: This is so annoying.

Atwight: Try to have more patience.

Chaltier: Kalviola is through Cherik.



Philia: …

Rutee: …

Rutee: …

Stan: Baruk-san …

Mary: Yes...



Stan: I’m glad we met Baruk-san.

Philia: He’s doing great things for this town.

Rutee: He might end up deceiving us.

Mary: Rutee...?

Rutee: Just forget what I said...



Stan: Hey, Lion!

Rutee: Don’t bother with someone cold like him.

Stan: I need to keep trying so he’ll come around.

Stan: That’s what Jonathan said to me.

Philia: Is that your friend?

Stan: I wonder what he’s doing now; he’s probably beaten up somewhere.

Rutee: Are we talking about a criminal, here?



Stan: Hey, Dimlos, do Swordians (something)

Rutee: Why are you asking that?

Stan: …

Rutee: How can you ask me that if I don’t know.

Stan: Dimlos is here to answer.

Dimlos: Realize these things sooner!



Stan: Are there more Oberon managers around the world?

Chaltier: They’re stationed in many places.

Rutee: Think of Baruk as another Oberon elite.

Stan: Got it!



Chaltier: To get to Kalviola we need to leave Cherik.



summary needed


Translation by Richard Meadows (Kirby)

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