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Event Script




Philia: So this is Noischtat in the Fitzgald region.


Stan: This is the area I grew up in.

Stan: (It’s not warm?) but let’s go after Greybum.


Lion: First lets go to Ilene.


Chaltier: Ilene is the Oberon manager of the Fitzgald region.


Dimlos: We might obtain clues there.



Lion: Go see Ilene.

Stan: Where is she?

Lion: She’s somewhere in Noiscthat.



Rutee: The Eye of God...we were so close!

Mary: Yes...

Rutee: That huge Lens is definitely worth more than 250,000 Gald.

Atwight: I hope that’s not what you are concerned with.



Clemente: Dimlos also came from this region.

Dimlos: 1000 years ago, this would be near my birthplace.

Dimlos: …

Stan: Is that why I can talk with you, since we were born in the same region?

Dimlos: That has nothing to do with it.



Philia: Wow, there are so many shops here.

Rutee: Of course! This place has the most commerce in the world!

Philia: …

Stan: The food is good, too!

Rutee: That has little to do with what we were talking about!



Lion: Look for Ilene in town to find some information.




Philia: This is a beautiful town...so many new things.


Rutee: Oberon invested heavily in this town.


Philia: There are so many things that I have not seen, I’d like to...


Rutee: …


Philia: Nothing like that!

Philia: Sorry, Stan-san.


Stan: Huh, that guy...


???: Stan!?


Stan: If it isn't Baccus!


Dimlos: Who now?


Stan: He’s a friend from Leane. What a coincidence.


Baccus: I didn't think that I would run into you here!

Baccus: You just up and left like that...it’s caused quite the uproar.


Stan: Eh, really...


Dimlos: Just left...what a guy.


Stan: Shut up!


Baccus: So, when did you return?


Stan: I really haven’t returned.


Baccus: Hey...


Stan: There is something that I must accomplish.

Stan: I can't discuss the circumstances....but I can't stay yet.


Baccus: Well, well, …

Baccus: At least send a letter some or something. Isn't Lilith-chan worried about you?


Stan: ...Alright.


Baccus: Well I have to go.


Stan: Yeah, stay well.

Stan: I know they are worried...but I have to go after Greybum.


Dimlos: Yes.


Rutee: I don't see Mary.

Rutee: Where did you go?


Mary: I wanted to get some Ice Candy!


Rutee: Don't walk off by yourself!


Mary: It was delicious...


Lion: Lets hurry and see Ilene.



Stan: What could I write in a letter?

Stan: I can’t go into detail after all.

Dimlos: Just tell them how you are doing.

Atwight: Remember to still put feeling into it.

Stan: Thanks...I’ll start it now.

Stan: ...Grandpa and Lilith …



Mary: Hey, Stan...you have a sibling, right?

Stan: Yeah. My little sister, Lilith.

Mary: She must be so cute!

Stan: Well, she can be loud when she’s angry.

Stan: But I’d be lonely without her.

Mary: I’m envious; I can’t remember if I have a family or not.


SKIT (race with kid)

Stan: I won!

Dimlos: Don't do things like this.

Stan: Don't matter cuz I won!

Stan: …

Dimlos: …


(Ilene’s Mansion)


Maid: Who might you all be...? Maybe...

Maid: Would you be Lion Magnus-sama and his compatriots?


Lion: Yes. Is Ilene here?


Dimlos: It would be good it we could get some information from her.


Maid: The Lady has stepped out for a moment; she should be back shortly.


Lion: Allow us to wait here.


Maid: Certainly.


(Time Passes)


Rutee: ...Ilene is pretty late. What in the world is she doing?

Rutee: Mary, where did you get that Ice Candy?


Mary: From a shop in town.


Rutee: I want to go get some; I’m tired of waiting.


Mary: Lets go together.


Stan: Me too; I've never had any.


Philia: I will come too.


Stan: What are you going to do, Lion?


Lion: I will wait here.


Stan: In case she comes back, right? Then, I'll bring you some.


Lion: No need; I have no interest in sweet things.


Stan: Don't say that. Lets all have some. Okay?


Lion: Like I said...

Lion: I guess you would end up bringing me one no matter what.


Stan: Alright, wait for us.



Lion has left the party.



Stan: Ice candy...I wonder what it’s like.

Mary: You'll know when you get it.

Mary: It's at the shop outside.

Stan: Got it, lets go!



Stan: Lets go get some Ice Candy.




Flower Seller: Please buy a flower...please...a flower...


Rutee: Ah!


Stan: Are you okay?


Flower Seller: Yes, thank you...


Stan: That little girl...that’s too bad.


Dimlos: If you look closely, you can see the real face of this town.


Stan: Though it looks good, not everyone is happy...


Rutee: Lets hurry and buy the Ice Candy.


Stan: Ah, that’s right.



Philia: Looks like you’ve been getting along with Lion-san.

Stan: Really? I don't think anything has changed...

Philia: Not you, Lion-san.

Philia: Even if it is just a bit.

Stan: I don't really get it, but if it’s we’re getting along then it’s good.


(Sakura Park)


Philia: So this is the Ice Candy shop Mary told us about.


Stan: Excuse me! Can I buy one?


I.C. Keeper: What flavor would you like?


Stan: Hm~ there’re a lot of choices...lets see...


???: Ha~ What should I do.

???: Should I eat here among the sakura or at home?

???: Hey, what would you do?


Stan: Eh, me?

Stan: Well I would...get the vanilla.


???: Why do you say that? I want to know if I should stay or go home.


Stan: The two are the same, right? Am I right?


???: If you think of it like that...

???: Then lets go with that. Sir, one vanilla.


Stan: Me too; five vanillas.


I.C. Keeper: Five Vanillas, here you go...


???: Yum~~, yes, the vanilla here is the best.

???: …


Philia: Stan-san, did you get them?


Stan: Yeah, I did.


???: Oh, you have others with you. These two are cute.


Rutee: Thanks for the compliment.


Philia: Ah...? These kids...


???: What is it? Would you all like some?

???: Sir, could you give me some more, for the rest of them.


I.C. Keeper: Is it alright, Ojousama?


???: Of course. It’s more delicious if we all eat.

???: Come on, I have some Ice Candy for you.

???: One at a time now; make sure you all have one.


Philia: What a nice person.


Stan: Yeah.


Rutee: Hump, I wonder...

Rutee: Can a rich woman buy sweets for kids?


Stan: Rutee...?


Rutee: Let’s hurry back; the Ice Candy will melt.


Man: The Champion has come to town!


Boy: It’s Kongman!


Stan: Kongman...?


Boy: Yeah, Kongman!


Girl: Kongman!


Kongman: Hey kids, have you done your chores for today?

Kongman: Seeing smiling kids makes you feel good, huh?


???: I don't have time for this.


Kongman: … Ilene Rembrandt!

Kongman: I won't let you harm Fitzgald!


Dimlos: Ilene Rembrandt? Stan, that person...


Ilene: Yes, I’m the local Oberon manager.

Ilene: (Something about Fitzgald)


Kongman: …


Ilene: That, …


Kongman: What would someone from Seinegald know about Fitzgald?

Kongman: Nothing at all. Hurry up and leave this town!


Stan: Isn't that wrong?

Stan: I don't think she’d do anything to hurt people.


Kongman: What was that, Kid? Are you saying I’m wrong?


Philia: Stan-san...isn't it better not to cause commotion?


Stan: But still...


Kongman: Y-you!

Kongman: Hello, pretty bespectacled lady.


Philia: Wha, me?


Kongman: My heart went "thump thump" when I laid eyes on you. You’re my ideal woman.


Philia: Huh...?


Kongman: … (what’s "hinzuu sukuwaato")


Clemente: …


Atwight: He changed all of a sudden.


Philia: Ya-uh-I...


Stan: Stop, Philia is scared!


Kongman: Get out of my way, Kid. What relation do you have with this beautiful lady?


Stan: Philia is my comrade!


Kongman: I see...

Kongman: …

Kongman: …


Stan: Why can't you and I agree?


Dimlos: There is no need to quarrel with him; we don't have time for that.


Kongman: Try and defeat me with that crummy sword!


Dimlos: That insolent bastard!


Kongman: Only a true man could face me! A TRUE man!


Stan: Fine, if you say that I have no choice.


Dimlos: Lets beat the crap out of that arrogant man. Stan, lets show him our true power!


Kongman: Philia-san, please watch me. Please go out with me when I finish!


Atwight: Dimlos...what’s going on with you and Stan-san?


Dimlos: But...


Rutee: Let them do whatever! I have nothing to do with this.


Philia: Sorry, Stan-san. This happened because of me...


Stan: It’s not your fault Philia; if anything, it’s me.

Stan: Where is the coliseum?


Ilene: It’s on the outskirts of town.


Stan: Thank you. Then I should get going.


Mary: Ice Candy...


Rutee: ...Ah, it melted!



Stan: Now that’s it’s come to this we must defeat Kongman.

Dimlos: The coliseum is on the outskirts of town.



Dimlos: The coliseum is near the outskirts of town.

Dimlos: Kongman is there.




Crowd: Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!

Crowd: Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!


Philia: What an amazing number!


Rutee: Looks like that Kongman is pretty well known.


Ilene: Kongman is Noischtat's hero; he's never been defeated.

Ilene: This has no meaning. You should just stop.


Stan: I can’t stop now that I’ve come here!


Dimlos: We won't lose, right Stan?


Clemente: Those two are really into this.


Rutee: They are partners.

Rutee: It’s time; we’re going to join the crowd.


Philia: Stan-san, please be careful.


Stan: Alright lets go.



Stan: Alright lets go.


Announcer: Here comes the challenger!

Announcer: Mighty Kongman won’t be beat!


Crowd: Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!


Kongman: Your time has come; I hope you’re prepared.


Stan: We won’t know until we try.


Kongman: Philia-san, please watch! This victory will be for you.


Announcer: Now everyone, the moment you’ve been waiting for!

Announcer: Champion Kongman vs. Mr. Pointy-Head!


(After Battle)


Announcer: The Champ has fallen! The challenger wins!


Kongman: No way!


Dimlos: How about that! Did you feel those hits?


Stan: Don't bother Philia anymore...

Stan: That was a good match, thank you.


Kongman: Y-you...you’re quite a guy.


Announcer: What’s this, they have come to terms. They both embrace the light of friendship!


Lion: What the hell are you all doing here!


Stan: Lion? The match is already over.


Lion: There is no time for this! The town has been swamped by monsters!


Stan & Kongman: What you say?


Kongman: Damn, just what has happened!?


Dimlos: We should go too.



Lion joins the party.



Stan: Why are monsters here!? Anyway lets check out the town!


(In Town)


Stan: This...!?


Dimlos: These monsters...are these the ones accompanied by Greybum?


Clemente: That probability is high.

Clemente: Regular monsters would never enter a town.


Ilene: Everyone go to the coliseum; you’ll be safe there!


Stan: Ilene-san!

Lion: Ilene!


Ilene: You all, please help lead the people to safety.


Woman: Help me! Please help me!

Woman: Move! The poor should get out of the way.


Ilene: Money won’t give life or death. I won't forgive you if this happens again.


Woman: I’m so sorry...


Man: Someone! Help, monsters are over here too!


Ilene: What!?


Stan: This is bad; we should return as well.




Flower Seller: Aaaaaaah!


Ilene: Uhhhhhhhh...!


Stan: Ilene-san!?


(After Battle)


Stan: Ilene-san, are you alright? Pull it together?


Ilene: I’m alright...just a bit wounded...nothing serious.

Ilene: I’m good now...don't worry.


Flower Seller: Oneechan...


Lion: Ilene …


Ilene: …

Ilene: That’s most likely where one would be.


Dimlos: Greybum is there?


Stan: Lets go get him. We can't leave the place like this.


Lion: Ilene, lend us an Oberon ship.


Ilene: ...Go to the port. If you use my name, they should let you on.


Stan: Thank you.


Ilene: Please be careful.



Stan: We must catch the warship!

Dimlos: Get a ship at the port.



Dimlos: Get a ship to chase the enemy.




Lion: Launch a ship; we must go after the enemy.


Kongman: Wait! I’ll come with you.


Stan: Kongman!?


Kongman: You must protect people whenever you can.

Kongman: Ilene tried hard; I must as well.


Stan: Got it; lets fight together!


Sailor: Preparations are complete; we are ready to launch.



Kongman has joined the party.


Sailor: Ready?


Kongman: Lets go! I will crush the enemy!


Dimlos: We don't have time to sit around.


Stan: Right, we must hurry. Please give us your fastest ship.


Sailor: It’s a little rough, so have a little patience.





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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