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Event Script




Fayte: Sorry to keep you waiting, everyone.

Fayte: We have arrived in Phandaria's Snowfreer.


Stan: Wheeeew! This cool air...this really is Phandaria.


Soldier: Did you just get off that ship...? Please...let me get on...


Stan: You’re injured!? What happened?


Soldier: It’s over, everything...

Soldier: We're done for...Phandaria has fallen!


Philia: No way, Greybum!?


Soldier: Heidelberg ...

Soldier: Even in this town …


Philia: Lets help him, Stan-san.


Stan: That’s right! Fayte-san, can we leave this guy to you?


Fayte: I understand.



Philia: To think that Greybum would try to overthrow this country.

Stan: Damn, people suffer everywhere!

Lion: Talk later; the town worries me. Hurry and go.



Rutee: The place that Mary and I met was Phandaria, actually.

Stan: Didn't we meet here too?

Rutee: In your case, it was aboard the Draconis.

Stan: Ah, I see.

Rutee: We might see someone we know here.

Rutee: …



Stan: Phandaria has fallen, can that be true?

Dimlos: Calm down, Stan. …

Dimlos: …

Stan: That’s right, I got it.



Lion: Lets go see the town.




Stan: This is...!


Philia: These warriors...and they’re all injured...


Rutee: Just being here gives me a bad feeling.


Alba: You there! You’re that boy that was with Woodrow!


Stan: It’s Alba-sensei! Sensei, what are you doing here?


Alba: Talk later. Could you please save Chelsea and Woodrow?


Stan: Did something happen to them?


Alba: They wanted to help save Heidelberg, but...

Alba: Woodrow got captured. I told him not to do too much.


Rutee: "Woodrow"? That...

Rutee: This is bad. Stan, we must go rescue him.


Stan: Yeah!



Rutee: Lets go to the forest and save Woodrow.


(Outside Town)


Mary: Look at that!


Warrior: Capture Woodrow at once! Whatever it takes!


Chelsea: Uuuh...


Woodrow: Chelsea!?


Warrior: Now, surround them!


Stan: Watch out! Woodrow-san!


(After Battle)


Woodrow: Chelsea, hold on.


Rutee: No terrible injuries...but she looks real bad.


Atwight: At this rate, we won’t make it!


Stan: Lets take her back to town now.


(Snowfreer Inn)


Chelsea: Uuuuh...


Woodrow: Thank goodness, you've awoken!


Chelsea: Woodrow-sama...here is...


Woodrow: The town of Snowfreer.

Woodrow: We were saved because of these people.


Stan: Long time no see, Chelsea.


Chelsea: Stan-san...

Chelsea: I thought I was done for...you all are my saviors.


Woodrow: You really saved us. I don't know what I would have done.


Alba: …

Alba: This was expected but...


Stan: Why is it that?

Stan: What? You all are looking at me so coldly...


Rutee: You don't know who Woodrow is? You don't know at all!?


Lion: This man is Woodrow Kelvin, the prince of Phandaria.


Stan: Oohhh...

Stan: What!? The prince of Phandaria!?


Rutee: A normal person would know...a normal person.


Atwight: Rutee...is this why you wanted to help him?


Chaltier: I could tell from a mile away.


Rutee: S-shut up!


Woodrow: I didn't really want anyone to know.

Woodrow: Sorry that I did not speak to you earlier, Dimlos-kun.


Dimlos: ...! You knew of my presence?


Clemente: Would you be Igtenos’ master?


Stan: Igtenos...?


Dimlos: That would be the Swordian of Wind.


Woodrow: Well...

Woodrow: Igtenos would be located in Phandaria’s vault.


Atwight: Would...? Where is Igtenos right now?


Woodrow: ...He has fallen into Greybum’s hand.


Stan: Greybum you say!


Woodrow: He fought against my father...

Woodrow: But Greybum defeated him.


Dimlos: And Igtenos was stolen.


Clemente: I don’t think that Greybum can become his master though...


Lion: Of course the country would be like this if the king were defeated like that.


Chelsea: Meeean! How can you say something like that?

Chelsea: Woodrow-sama even tried to help!


Alba: The white knight even turned against me.

Alba: Woodrow's father …


Dimlos: Then what are we going to do now?


Woodrow: I was going to sneak into the castle.

Woodrow: But it’s too heavy guarded and time is running out...


Stan: Then we'll all go to Heidelberg!


Woodrow: You all...?


Dimlos: That’s right, and ASAP.


Rutee: …


Philia: The truth is that we are after Greybum and the Eye of God.


Woodrow: Is that so...?

Woodrow: Then I will accompany you; I’d like to go too.


Stan: Woodrow-san, is it okay for you to leave town?


Woodrow: …

Woodrow: I must for the sake of this country.


Chelsea: Then I shall go too! I'll go anywhere with Woodrow-sama!


Lion: What can a kid like you do anyway?


Chelsea: Boo, I am not a child!


Alba: Take her with you. Though she may not look it, her skill is high.


Chelsea: What does “not look it” mean? Even you are saying things like that!


Stan: I got it. Lets all go together.


Woodrow: To get to Heidelberg...

Woodrow: It’s fastest if we go through that forest.


Philia: Certainly Snowfreer is …



Woodrow joins the party.

Chelsea joins the party.



Stan: Lets go to Heidelberg and retrieve the Eye of God!

Lion: Woodrow said to go through the forest.

Chelsea: That place is called Tilso Forest.

Mary: Tilso...Forest...

Rutee: What is it Mary; did you remember something?

Mary: N-no...probably nothing...

Chelsea: Hm? Tilso Forest is to the west of Snowfreer.



Mary: Chelsea, when did you learn how to use the bow?

Chelsea: Ever since I was three.

Mary: …

Chelsea: …



Mary: I think that I may be from Phandaria.

Chelsea: Really?

Chelsea: Then lets do our best for this country.

Mary: Yes. We must beat Greybum.

Chelsea: I’m glad you are with us, Mary-san.



Rutee: If we help the ruler of Phandaria, I sure we could score a rack of money!

Atwight: If he was not the king you would have done nothing.

Rutee: That’s not true! I still need to stop Greybum and save Phandaria.

Rutee: Then get a huge reward.

Atwight: Don’t forget the main objective is to get the Eye of God.



Stan: Dear Grandfather and Lilith... I’m now in Phandaria...

Rutee: Hey Stan, you haven’t sent it yet?

Stan: It’s real cold here... it’s no good.

Stan: I can't write it’s so cold!

Rutee: If you don't send that, they’ll never hear from you.



Chelsea: To the west of Snowfreer is the forest... then onto Heidelberg!


(Shikkoku no Tsubasa)


Stan: Ah, those guys...


Grid: Cha-ching! We don’t have to worry about money anymore!


Milly: If we save the country, the royal family will give us a ton of cash!


John: We won’t be hungry anymore.


Grid: With us victory is certain! Because!


Milly: Because!


All: We are the Shi-ko-ku Shikkoku no Tsubasa, the saviors. Yeah!


Stan: Hey guys! I didn't know that you were in Phandaria now.


Grid: After leaving Aquaveil, we decided to come here.


John: We can definately help people in a messed up place like this.


Chelsea: That’s mean to say that.


Alba: I have a favor. Could you all help remove the snow from the roof?


Grid: Remove the snow from the roof? Why do we have to do that!


Alba: To get the …

Alba: …


Grid: I know...guess we have no choice. John, Milly, lets go!


Alba: Now we can get the snow off the roof. This helps a lot.


Chelsea: Grandpa... did you trick those people?





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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