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Event Script




Stan: This is Heidelberg...


Rutee: The same as in Toukei; there aren't any people around.


Philia: Looks like the town has been deserted.


Phandaria Guard: Prince, I'm glad you are safe.

Phandaria Guard: Excuse me, please everyone get back.

Phandaria Guard: Those are the ones that have overthrown the town. They're making their rounds.


Lion: Where is Greybum?


Phandaria Guard: In the castle, but all the townspeople are there too.


Stan: Then what will we do?


Woodrow: Let's use the old back passage.


Dimlos: Shouldn't you not be telling us this?


Woodrow: Don't worry about it; all of you are my comrades.

Woodrow: The passage is to the west of town.



Woodrow: The passage is to the west of town.



Mary: This is Heidelberg.

Rutee: You've been here before, right? Feel familiar?

Mary: I remember...talking to Dalis in this town...

Mary: ...

Rutee: Such a pretty town.

Mary: Yeah, but I don't want to remember the flames that once took it...

Woodrow: ......



Stan: The rebel group, they were part of Phandaria, weren't they.

Woodrow: That's right. We would not have fought if not for them.

Philia: Let's hurry and finish this fight. Then peace will return.




Woodrow: This is where the passage is.


Philia: So dark. I can understand why though...


Rutee: Stan, you go first.


Stan: Alright, got it!


Rutee: ...Zero fear, eh?


Philia: It could also mean he's an amazing person...




Stan: Ah damn! I can't see anything.


Dimlos: Don't rush right in. What if an enemy comes?


????: Intruders!


Darzen: I, Darzen, will defeat you here! You will not pass!


Stan: No wait, I'm not an enemy!


Woodrow: Darzen, you're alright.


Darzen: Y-your highness!

Darzen: It really is you! You are the prince! There's no mistaking it!

Darzen: I'm so grateful that you've helped our prince to get here.


Stan: Ahh, I'm saved.


Dimlos: That's why I told you not to fly in.


Darzen: Let me tell you the details of what has happened in the next room.



Dimlos: Lets go talk to Darzen.


(Next Room)


Darzen: Greybum has been poisoning the minds of our people.

Darzen: And has had a following of monsters everywhere.


Stan: The Eye of God...


Darzen: But the most pitiful thing is the rebel army.

Darzen: They have sided with Greybum to meet their own agenda.

Darzen: They plunged the town in to chaos.


Mary: Ridiculous...Dalis would not forgive that kind of behavior!


Darzen: Miss...why do you defend him?


Rutee: Don't worry about that, continue.


Darzen: It seems like they are trying to overthrow the throne.

Darzen: Their objective is to "restore" the kingdom.


Woodrow: Restore the kingdom...?


Darzen: Oh, our prince did not know?

Darzen: Two years ago, Cyril's rebel faction arrived and demanded independence of the former king.

Darzen: They were denied, and then military strife ensued.*


Mary: What did you say?


Woodrow: So that's what happened...


Dimlos: That was the rebel group in Cyril.


Lion: Their objective was to chase people out; of course they were there.


Mary: No way...Dalis would do that...?


Woodrow: Where is Greybum's current location?


Darzen: Mostly likely at the top level. That is where I last saw him.


Rutee: And Dalis?


Darzen: Of course he is with Greybum now.


Stan: There is only one place to go.


Mary: I don't understand...what is Dalis thinking...?

Mary: Did I really not know anything about him...?


Rutee: Mary, straighten up; we came here to see the truth.

Rutee: It's okay; I'm with you.


Mary: O-okay.


Dimlos: We must go.


Stan: That's right. Let's settle it.


Mary: If Dalis is really working with Greybum, then...

Mary: At that time I'll...


Woodrow: Darzen, have you seen my father?


Darzen: The king's name was …

Darzen: He is always going around the country, that is, sometimes that makes him feel determined.

Darzen: I don't think he was mistaken for doing that.


Woodrow: I see...


Darzen: Prince, right now the people are fighting for you.

Darzen: Please free them from Greybum.


Woodrow: I didn't...know anything. That is my sin...

Woodrow: That means that I must take the place of my father...


Chelsea: Woodrow-sama...?


Woodrow: Ah! Sorry. I'm coming now.



Woodrow: We must make our way to the top of the palace. Now, lets go.


(Main Floor)


Mary: Dalis...!


Woodrow: He was expecting us?


Dalis: I gave you a chance to leave this country. Why have you returned?


Mary: To speak with you.


Dalis: ...Woodrow Kelvin has come as well.

Dalis: Prepare yourselves, for I have but one answer.


Mary: Dalis!


Stan: Stop, Dalis-san. Mary-san remembers you now!


Dalis: ...I will no longer listen. En Guard!


(After Battle)


Mary: Why...why have you brandished your blade against us!?


Dalis: Mary...you're still as beautiful as two years ago...


Mary: Idiot...!


Stan: Dalis-san, do you know what you have been doing with Greybum?


Dalis: Yes...


Stan: Then why...!?


Rutee: Stan, you should stop. Mary needs to talk to him.


Stan: R-right...sorry.


Mary: Dalis...


Dalis: I wanted to...pave a new way for Phandaria.

Dalis: But the current king had very different views from me.


Mary: I see...that's why you didn't tell me.

Mary: In order to change this country, you needed to do this...


Clemente: That wasn't quite the right way of thinking. It wasn't really progress.


Dalis: Well...it seems that I went about it too quickly...

Dalis: When the country found out, they turned their swords on me.

Dalis: Isaac was very concerned with keeping the current state of the country.

Dalis: Until two years ago, my thoughts befell me.*


Dimlos: Then in the end, you tried to escape.


Dalis: Reality caught up with me very quickly. Mary, sorry for mixing you up in this...


Mary: Don't say things like that. I was happy just being with you.


Dalis: After Mary escaped, I was captured to atone for my sins.

Dalis: For two years, I thought over it many times.

Dalis: I began to believe that what I did had no meaning...

Dalis: When Greybum came, I thought, "this time for sure."

Dalis: This will create a new future.

Dalis: But...


Clemente: The reality was not the same.


Dalis: Greybum had very radical plans. At this rate Phandaria will...


Stan: That's why you told Mary-san to leave.

Stan: If you knew that, why did you assist Greybum?


Dalis: ...I could not leave… Greybum ...

Dalis: Right now I can't believe how long I continued this. One day I…

Dalis: Someone had to take responsibly for my mistakes...


Philia: You planned to take the whole burden onto yourself?


Mary: That's...!


Stan: ...That's not fair!

Stan: Dalis-san, please consider Mary-san's feelings.

Stan: She came all this way to see you!

Stan: Woodrow-san, what are you--!?


Rutee: Don't tell me you're going to...!


Mary: Stop...Woodrow.


Woodrow: Mary-san, move away.


Mary: Ahhhh...


Woodrow: Stand, Dalis Vincent.


Dalis: I'm prepared...for any consequence...


Woodrow: I see.


Mary: Woodrow! Please stop!


Woodrow: You can no longer stay here. You may leave with haste.


Dalis: What...?


Woodrow: You are wounded, and so I will not strike you down.


Dalis: What do you mean to do...?


Woodrow: I cannot kill the person who protected my father.


Dalis: ...!


Woodrow: You fought only for this country's future.

Woodrow: (…Let's not mince words…)?


Dalis: I couldn't compare to Isaac's son either.

Dalis: I've...lost.


Mary: Dalis...Dalis!

Mary: Never leave me again...!


Rutee: Looks like Dalis was not just going along with Greybum.


Atwight: The rebel army …


Philia: What a quandary...!


Stan: Greybum...! I definitely won't forgive you!


Mary: Everyone, I have a request.

Mary: I...want to leave with Dalis.


Rutee: Mary, you...


Mary: Sorry to do something like this...but I...but now I...

Mary: I want to be with Dalis.


Stan: We understand! Please go, Mary-san!


Rutee: Right. If you put it that way, I can't just tell you no.


Philia: Please be happy.


Chaltier: Is it okay, Bocchan? She is still working for you.


Lion: ...Hmph! She's collaborating with the enemy. Since he's injured, ...


Mary: Thank you...everyone...I...am so happy...

Mary: Woodrow.

Mary: Thank you for letting Dalis live. You have my appreciation.


Woodrow: I should thank you. I was not prepared to do such a thing.


Stan: Not prepared...?


Woodrow: I must remember our real objective.

Woodrow: ...Right now, that is to defeat Greybum.


Stan: Yeah, let's move!


Mary: Everyone stay well; I believe in your victory!



Mary left the party.





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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