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Event Script




Lilith: Oniichan, wake up!


Stan: *Snoore*


Lilith: Hurry and wake up; breakfast will get cold.


Stan: *Snoore*


Lilith: Oniichan!


Stan: *Snoore*


Lilith: So...you're going to make me use that method.

Lilith: Looks like I have no choice...

Lilith: A ladle in the right hand! A frying pan in the left! The ultimate technique!

Lilith: Take this! Aileron Family Secret Art, “Shisha no Mezame*!”


Stan: Nou!?

Stan: Ah Lilith, mornin'!


Lilith: Geez you sure can sleep.


Stan: Sorry about this morning; be gentle from now on.


Lilith: Ha~ got it. Leave it to me.

Lilith: Lets go; we can't keep Grandpa waiting.


(Family Room)


Thomas: Alright, now time for my chores.


Stan: I will go too; I want to help if I can.


Thomas: That’s alright for today.

Thomas: I have something else I want you to help me with.


Stan: Is that so...that’s too bad.


Thomas: You should take it easy since you've come back.


Stan: It’s not like that...


Lilith: It’s best to be home, right?


Stan: Well...I guess...


Lilith: What’s with that weak answer?

Lilith: Oniichan... are you perhaps thinking of going on another journey?


Stan: Hm? Did you say something?


Lilith: I don't care!

Lilith: If you have time to daydream, then come help me!


Stan: S-sure. What should I do?


Lilith: Well, buy some ingredients for dinner.


Stan: Alright, got it!


Lilith: That’s the kind of answer that worries me though...



Stan: Ingredients for dinner...what should we buy?




Stan: Ingredients for dinner...what should I get?




Meat Man: Sorry, but we’re a bit short right now.


Baccus: Hey, shopping for Lilith-chan?


Stan: Yeah, something like that.


Baccus: You got it good, man. You get to eat Lilith-chan's cooking everyday.

Baccus: It’s really great.

Baccus: I'm sure that … Nobody should be home...

Baccus: Alright, first I’ll sneak in to see her...

Baccus: If you want, you can give her this Bargain Meat...


Stan: Can I eat this? Then, I’ll take it.


Baccus: There’s more; take some to Lilith.



Stan: I got the stuff; I’m going home.


(Stan’s House)


Stan: Here, I got some Bargain Meat!


Lilith: Hey, I didn't think that you could get something like this.


Stan: Actually, I got it from Baccus; he just gave it to me all of a sudden.


Lilith: ...Why?


Baccus: Hey Lilith-chan, did you get my present?

Baccus: I put all my feeling into getting you that meat. Well …


Lilith: What was... that?


Stan: No clue...


Lilith: We got some meat, though...


(That Night)


Lilith: Listen Grandpa. Oniichan is soo mean!


Thomas: Still causing trouble for Lilith?


Stan: It’s not really like that.


Lilith: I realize it's not much of a problem.

Lilith: I mean, he really can't do anything without me.


Thomas: It’s okay because we are family. But what if you leave on another journey?


Stan: I thought it would be okay...

Stan: Journey huh...

Stan: It’s been three months; I wonder if everyone is okay...


(Hugo’s Mansion)


Lion: Gahhh...!


Chaltier: Bocchan!


?????: What a restless one. He should have just agreed.


Lion: ...I refuse.


?????: Goodness. Was he always this insubordinate?

?????: What foolishness, what worthless sentiment.


Lion: My own morals are enough for me; I don't need to follow you.


????: ...Maybe you need to have it beaten into you a little more.


?????: Leave this to me.

?????: What if we use someone else? You know what I mean?


Lion: Someone else...?

Lion: That...!

Lion: You bastards...! What have you done to her...!?


?????: Then, shall we talk...?


(Stan’s House)


Lilith: Oniichan, wake up. You have a guest!


Stan: *Snoore...*


Lilith: Sorry, he's terrible at waking up.

Lilith: Wait a bit...

Lilith: Right ladle! Left frying pan!


Dimlos: Ah wake your ass up! What are you doing at this time of day!


Stan: Huh?


Lilith: Oh, he woke up.


Stan: I thought I heard Dimlos...

Stan: But that’s not possible. Must have been a dream. Yeah.


Philia: It’s been a while, Stan-san.


Stan: Philia...could this be a dream too?


Lilith: I knew he wasn't awake. Would you step out?

Lilith: Secret Art, “Shisha no Mezame!”


Stan: Aahrgh!?


(Family Room)


Stan: Long time no see, Philia. Dimlos and Clemente, too.

Stan: I’m glad you came to see me.


Dimlos: Later; we have trouble.


Philia: Actually... the Eye of God has disappeared again.


Stan: What! The Eye of God!?


Dimlos: Your voice is too loud; quiet down.


Stan: But I thought that it was sealed.


Philia: It would seem that someone has dispelled the seal.

Philia: And made off with the Eye of God on a Flying Dragon...


Stan: A Flying Dragon in Seinegald? Why...


Dimlos: What other way?

Dimlos: The Eye of God cannot be transported so easily.


Clemente: This time it could be the doing of someone from within Seinegald.


Stan: No way...


Philia: The king has allowed you to use the Swordian again.

Philia: I came to pick you up and go after them.


Stan: Alright, got it!

Stan: I’ll go with you; I can't leave things as they are.


Philia: I'm glad that you will.


Stan: Let's leave soon. Wait a moment.


Lilith: So you’re going somewhere again.


Stan: Lilith... this is, well...


Lilith: You promised that you wouldn't leave anymore.

Lilith: Do you think that we wouldn't worry if you left again?


Stan: Well, yeah...


Lilith: And now you’re going.

Lilith: Maybe you don't care for me and Grandpa.


Stan: That’s not true! You and Gramps are precious to me!

Stan: But this time...


Philia: Lilith-san, please.

Philia: Right now we need Stan-san to lend us his power.


Lilith: I don’t care about that! You can't just take him!


Stan: Lilith!


Lilith: ...Onii-chan, you idiot!


Stan: Ah...


Thomas: This is quite the debacle.


Stan: Gramps, I...


Thomas: You should go, Stan.

Thomas: The circumstances are deep; aren’t they? I can tell by looking at you.

Thomas: Go. Or else you won't be able to resolve this …

Thomas: I will calm Lilith; don't worry.


Stan: Thanks, Gramps; that makes me feel better.

Stan: ...But, I should talk to Lilith myself.




Stan: Lilith...


Lilith: ...Hey, Onii-chan.


Stan: Yeah...?


Lilith: Though you’re a fool, looks like they need you.

Lilith: You always go out of your way to help people.


Stan: Is that how it is...?


Lilith: I’m sure that Philia-san thinks the same thing...


Stan: Lilith, listen to what I have to say.

Stan: I will go. I've decided.


Lilith: ...!


Stan: The king enlisted me, but that’s not the only reason.

Stan: I want to put my life on the line.


Lilith: Onii-chan...


Stan: Though I want to have a family, I keep leaving them.

Stan: But after hearing Philia, I could not just stand around doing nothing.

Stan: That's why...


Lilith: ...Go ahead.

Lilith: Don't worry about us. Grandpa and I’ll be alright.

Lilith: "Always help people in trouble." That’s the Aileron saying, right?


Stan: Lilith... thank you.


Lilith: But remember this.

Lilith: Your home is here, no matter what happens. Make sure to return here.


Stan: ...Right!


Lilith: It’s a promise then.


Stan: I got it. I will definitely return.


Lilith: ...Then get going; you have to hurry!


(Back Inside)


Stan: Let’s do it again, Dimlos.


Dimlos: It's going to be even harder now. Be prepared.


Stan: You never change.


Philia: Then, shall we go?

Philia: First let’s go to Noischtat, and then get a ship to Phandaria.


Stan: To meet Woodrow-san?


Lilith: Onii-chan take this. I’m sure it will come in handy.



Got Sunfish Kabob recipe.


Stan: Whoa, nice! Lilith is definitely ...


Lilith: …


Stan: Hah... I guess so.

Stan: Alright, lets get going!



Philia joins the party.



Stan: Lets go see Woodrow-san.

Stan: We can catch a ship at Noischtat.

Philia: Noischtat is a bit far from here.

Stan: It is, but let's do our best!



Philia: Lilith-san is a good little sister.

Stan: She’s always loud and causing trouble at home, though.

Philia: That’s still fine. That shows how close you are to each other.

Stan: I’m glad you say that.

Stan: Alright, I have to work hard for my family too!



Stan: What were you doing all this time?

Dimlos: I had been under Swordian research.

Dimlos: There was no one to speak with, though.

Stan: Would you talk to another person if you could?

Dimlos: Well that...

Clemente: Seems that he was lonely and didn't open his mouth to anyone.

Dimlos: ...I'd like it if you didn't open your mouth unnecessarily.



Stan: Noischtat huh...I wonder if Ilene-san is well.

Philia: Stan-san, does Ilene-san concern you that much...?

Stan: Yeah, we have a contest.

Stan: I’ve been wanting to see her!

Philia: Ha~

Stan: Huh? Philia? Hey~?



Philia: Let’s leave here and go to Noischtat to meet King Woodrow.

Philia: We need to go to Phandaria to see Woodrow-san.




Baccus: Going?


Stan: Yeah.


Baccus: When will you get back?


Stan: I don't know...but I believe that I …


Baccus: I see.

Baccus: Well, Lilith-chan is going to be worried about you.

Baccus: So come back soon.


Stan: Baccus...


Baccus: Here, a farewell present.



Got Discovery Book.

Got Dousing Rod.


Stan: Thanks.


Baccus: Stay well!


Stan: Yeah...



You can find hidden objects with the Dousing Rod.

The Discovery Book logs them.




Stan: Since we've come all this way, why don't we see Ilene-san?


Philia: I think...she might not be home.

Philia: We came all this way from Leane, but...

Philia: I don't think that Ilene-san will come to see us.


Stan: I wonder where she could have gone to.


Dimlos: We don't have time anyway. Hurry and get on a ship.


Stan: I know!



Dimlos: Get a ship to Phandaria.




Stan: We can board this ship.


Philia: Yes.


Kongman: Wait you guys!


Stan: Kongman! Have you been well?


Kongman: Of course! The Champion is always well!

Kongman: You're going to Phandaria? I’ll tag along.


Stan: The Champion doesn’t have to stay in town?


Kongman: I’m worried about you guys!


Philia: We appreciate the feeling, but it’s not necessary...


Kongman: Please allow it. You and I get along so well.


Philia: Why did it come to this...?


Kongman: Anyway I’m going! I’ve decided!


Stan: Got it. If it’s like that then let's do it, Kongman!


Kongman: You can leave it to me! Gahahahaha!



Kongman joins the party.




Kongman: I see, the Eye of God...it was something like that.

Kongman: Looks like my power is necessary here!


Stan: ...Anyway, why did you come to me first, Philia?


Philia: Eh? Uh well...

Philia: Sorry. Have... I bothered you?


Kongman: Hey Stan! Don't trouble Philia-san.


Stan: I’m not, it's just...

Stan: I wonder why Lion hasn’t been called yet.

Stan: Isn't he the closest?


Philia: Well, Lion-san... it looks like he’s out of town.


Clemente: When Philia didn't get a response from him, she came looking for you.


Stan: I’m kinda worried... I hope nothing strange has happened.


Dimlos: Chaltier is with him, so it should be fine.


Philia: Let's hurry and retrieve our allies, then return to Seinegald.





*Translates to "Waking the Dead," and is one of Lilith's in-game skills.




summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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