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Event Script


Hidden Temple


Philia: So these are the ruins where the R Key is...


Stan: I had no clue such a place was near Leane.


Clemente: It’s to protect what’s within. It would be useless if it could be seen.


Stan: Let's go! Just wait Lion, I'll be sure to avenge you!


Dimlos: ...About that, Stan.

Dimlos: Don't be so concerned about Lion.


Stan: You want me forget about him?


Dimlos: I did not say that. But to think about it so much will blind you.

Dimlos: You need to be able to fight for our objectives, and your own sake as well.


Stan: I understand. To defeat Hugo, and return the Eye of God.


Dimlos: That's right...


Stan: It's okay; I won't forget.


Rutee: Oookay. Let's get going everyone! Our aim is the R Key!


Kongman: That's quite profound, Rutee!


Rutee: You betcha~!


Chelsea: Mary-san, you’ve just been looking at Rutee-san...is something wrong?


Mary: No...



Dimlos: The R Key is in these ruins; let's look for it.

Philia: With this, Radislowe will be able to float.

Stan: Let's do it... for Lion and the Eye of God. No matter what!

Rutee: ......



Stan: After battle, I get pretty hungry.

Lilith: Oniichan, everyone, good job. Now help yourselves to some food!

Stan: Thanks.

Stan: *Eating*

Stan: This is great!

Stan: Is this different from the usual?

Lilith: You see? I added something.

Philia: As expected of Lilith-san. Your cooking is delicious.

Lilith: Leave the cooking to me!



Dimlos: The R Key must be somewhere around here.




Stan: We can't move ahead.


Dimlos: Don't panic...look there.

Dimlos: These ruins have a sealing device that requires a special key.


Clemente: Not a key per say, rather one Swordian.


Atwight: In other words, one of us has to stay behind.


Stan: I see...


Dimlos: We need to choose who is going to unseal the door.


Philia: So we have to leave a Swordian behind.


Woodrow: It’s not good to leave a Swordian alone; the master will have to stay too.


(I Chose Woodrow)


Woodrow: I will stand by here with Igtenos.


Chelsea: I’ll stay too.


Woodrow: No, you should follow Stan-kun.

Woodrow: We don't know what will happen in these ruins; we should be prepared for battle.


Chelsea: I understand. If you say so...



Kongman: And then there was one...

Chelsea: Why did you say that all of a sudden?

Kongman: One alone, two alone, then everyone disappeared.

Chelsea: Nooooooo! Scary!

Kongman: What do you think of my ghost story? Pretty good, huh?

Mary: I think that the fact Chelsea ran off is proof.



Stan: That R Key is pretty heavily protected.

Dimlos: It would be pretty bad if just anyone gained access to the Radislow.

Stan: With it we could have sealed the Eye of God back then.

Dimlos: That was not possible then. But reality is different now.

Stan: That’s right...


(Next I pick Rutee)


Rutee: Well then, I’ll be sticking around for awhile.

Rutee: I'll leave the rest to you.


Mary: We'll be back soon. We'll finish with haste and return.


Rutee: Okay.




Philia: I'll stay here. Stan-san and the others should go ahead.


Kongman: If anything happens, call for me.

Kongman: Wherever you are, I'll come!


Philia: Errrr... I understand... I leave it to you.


(Last Room)


Stan: This is where the R key is?


Dimlos: Yes.


Chelsea: Monster!?


Mary: Damn...!


(After Battle)


Kongman: I am the Champion! Bwa hahaha!


Dimlos: Stan, hurry and get the R key.


Stan: Got it.



Obtained R Key.


Dimlos: Yes, with this Radislowe can fly.


Chelsea: Lets hurry back to the others; I’m worried about Woodrow-sama.


Stan: Right.


Mary: Stan, come here for a sec.

Mary: It’s about Rutee.

Mary: She’s been feeling down lately.


Stan: Really...? She looks full of energy to me.


Mary: If what Lion said was true...


Stan: I see...

Stan: Hugo may indeed be Rutee’s...!


Mary: Probably …

Mary: I've been trying myself, but I would like you to help as well.


Stan: I understand...


Mary: Good, then let's go back.



Dimlos: We have the R-Key. No need to stick around. Lets go.



Stan: Hey Kongman, do you have a dream?

Kongman: Yeah, to be an eternal champion; that is my dream.

Stan: I see...

Kongman: This was my dream since I was little.

Kongman: There is nothing else I want.

Stan: That’s admirable, …


(@ Philia)


Kongman: Sorry to keep you waiting, Philia-san!


Philia: Good job, Stan-san, Kongman-san.


Kongman: It’s nothing! None can stand in my way!


Philia: I’m just glad you’re alright. Let's go outside.


(@ Rutee)


Rutee: Welcome back. All done?


Mary: Yeah.


Stan: Rutee... umm...


Rutee: Let's get out of here; I’m tired already.


Stan: Ah...


(@ Woodrow)


Chelsea: Sorry to keep you waiting, Woodrow-sama.


Woodrow: That looks like the R Key in your hand.


Stan: It is.


Woodrow: Then let's return.




Stan: Rutee...just a minute.


Hugo: People of Earth!

Hugo: Witness its marvel! The second firing of Belcrant!


Stan: What the...!




Woodrow: This is the second attack...


Clemente: The energy recharges fast. The third firing may be even sooner.


Philia: ...We must return to Radislowe quickly!



Philia: It will be bad if we don't return to Radislowe soon.

Mary: Radislowe is east of Calvalese.



Mary: Radislowe is east of Calvalese. Let's hurry.





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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