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Event Script




Rutee: Have we arrived at Shusaia?


Atwight: Yes.


Dimlos: Let's head to Mikheil from here.


Stan: No time to hesitate, right?


Dimlos: Exactly.



Igtenos: Though I’m back, the situation is pretty bad.

Clemente: That’s why your power is necessary.

Igtenos: It seems so.

Atwight: How is your master?

Igtenos: Woodrow is a good master. No problem here.

Dimlos: Don't hesitate to use your power up then.



Philia: Fufufufu...once this is finished, it should make a marvelous inferno!

Philia: I'm expecting great results...

Atwight: Clemente...You should stop your master.

Clemente: Doesn't look like I can do anything.

Rutee: Then what should we do...?

Clemente: Just leave it alone.

Atwight: Such irresponsibility...



Stan: Hurry though Shusaia and get to Mikheil.

Stan: We need to get that Cruiser.




Clemente: This is the exit to the area.


Rutee: After we leave, we’ll need to head to Mikheil.


Stan: Mikheil is the last area we need to clear, right?


Dimlos: That’s right. Next is the people of Heaven’s base.


Philia: But like in Cloudius and Helraios, someone may come after us.


Stan: Whoever comes, there is only one thing that we need to do.

Stan: Isn't that right?


Woodrow: That’s right.



Woodrow: After leaving Shusaia, we need to head to Mikheil next.


(World Map)



Woodrow: We need to go to Mikheil; we must obtain the Cruiser within.




Dimlos: This is the Swordian Team; we have reached Mikheil.


Ritora: Roger!


Woodrow: So this is Heaven's military base...


Dimlos: That’s right; now, let's search for the Cruiser.


Rutee: I know this is sudden but... why do we need to find it?

Rutee: We already have Radislowe.


Atwight: Of course, after The War of Heaven and Earth, (we thought of a plan?)


Clemente: Considering the evil influences on the environment, things will sink into the ocean.


Stan: Then after this fight, we have to make sure to …


Dimlos: Reasonable, but it sounds odd coming from you.


Stan: What’s so odd about it?


Dimlos: It’s nothing; you’re correct.


Philia: But to do that, we need to stop Hugo.


Stan: Right!



Dimlos: After getting the Cruiser, we head to Dycroft.

Stan: No matter what, we must stop Hugo and retrieve the Eye of God.

Igtenos: The Cruiser will be somewhere within Mikheil.



Igtenos: The Cruiser will be somewhere within Mikheil.




Stan: What’s that?


Dimlos: It’s the Cruiser. Good, this is our destination.


????: A moment of your time, please.


Woodrow: An Oberon Manager?


Rembrandt: Shain Rembrandt.

Rembrandt: On Hugo-sama's behalf, I welcome you …


Stan: You're from when we...!


Rembrandt: The inside of the Cruiser has some precious cargo that must be protected.

Rembrandt: I would like to keep her in this Cruiser.


Stan: Marian-san is in there!


Rutee: Keeping a hostage... you guys would go through all lengths.


Rembrandt: A hostage is a hostage.


Philia: Rembrandt-san! Why are you doing this?


Rembrandt: Hugo-sama's wishes are my wishes. This answer is enough.


Mary: No matter the objective, huh?


Kongman: Heh! That’s strange enough.


Rembrandt: Say what you like. I will not let you interfere!


(After Battle)


Woodrow: Chelsea, check on the hostage!


Chelsea: Yes!


Stan: Rembrandt-san...


Rembrandt: ...The only reason we fought is for Hugo-sama's sake.

Rembrandt: I am not alone...


Rutee: Then...?


Rembrandt: Ilene, who was at Helraios, was my daughter.


Stan: No way...


Rembrandt: Sorry Ilene... your fight... is over now...


Stan: Rembrandt-san...


Kongman: Stan, don't mistake what we are doing.


Chelsea: We rescued the person inside!


Kongman: Let's go, Stan. You've already decided your path, right?


Stan: Right. Thanks Kongman.


Kongman: It’s nothing.


Stan: I'm glad you’re okay, Marian-san.


Marian: Everyone, thank you for saving me.

Marian: And, um... Where is Em...Lion-sama?


Stan: Lion is...


Dimlos: Stan, are you...are you going to tell this girl the truth?


Stan: ...Lion had something else to do; he’s not here right now.


Marian: Is that so...


Stan: But! He's okay. He'll meet up with us soon...surely.


Marian: Is it my fault that Lion-sama took a different path than the rest of you?


Stan: Eh...?


Marian: He had lost his mother, so he looked to me as one.


Rutee: ...!


Marian: It was probably because I resembled Chris-sama, his mother.


Stan: Marian-san...


Marian: I was probably his objective for leaving.

Marian: Because if he...if he is lost, I am worried about him.

Marian: If I had not been captured back then...


Stan: ...I don't think what Lion did was wrong.

Stan: He...

Stan: Regardless of everyone’s thoughts, he followed his own morals.


Marian: Is that so...


Rutee: So don't kill him off...for his sake too.


Marian: Yes...


Chelsea: Hi...kuup...


Mary: Don't cry, Chelsea.


Chelsea: I know...but...but!


Philia: .......


Woodrow: Let's take Marian-san back to Earth.


Dimlos: Let's at least let her leave this place. She can use that over there.


Stan: Yeah...Marian-san. Please come here.


Marian: Thank you all for everything.

Marian: Pardon if I am mistaken. But... you are Stan-san, correct?


Stan: Yes.


Marian: I thought as much...

Marian: Lion-sama talked about you a lot. It seems that you were good friends.


Stan: ...Yes. He’s my best friend.


Marian: If you see him again, I'm sure he'll be very happy.


Stan: Uh, Marian-san...


Marian: What is it?


Stan: What will you do when you get back to Earth?


Marian: Without a doubt, I will wait for Lion-sama to return.

Marian: That is my duty.

Marian: Well then... see you.


Stan: This is...okay, right?


Rutee: ...Yeah.


Stan: ...Alright.

Stan: We must head to Dycroft next.

Stan: Let's leave as soon as the Cruiser is ready!




Mary: System check complete.


Kongman: It seems that everything is ready to go!


Chelsea: Leave it to me, Woodrow-sama!


Ritora: Swordian Team. Let's go over the plan once more.

Ritora: The Cruiser will take the masters close to our destination.


Stan: Understood.


Igtenos: Make sure you are well prepared first.

Igtenos: After passing through the barrier, there may be no turning back.


Rutee: Okay.


Ritora: Once inside, head towards Belcrant’s core.


Philia: Yes.


Ritora: There will be great difficulty.

Ritora: But we will create a miracle.

Ritora: With my Swordian Team, I believe there are infinite possibilities.


Woodrow: I'm counting on you, Igtenos.


Igtenos: Leave it to me.


Philia: Please continue to guide me, Clemente.


Clemente: Yeah.


Rutee: I'm counting on you, Atwight.


Atwight: I know.


Stan: Let's go, Dimlos.


Dimlos: Understood.


Stan: Cruiser, take off! Destination: Belcrant!




Stan: Break through!

Stan: Uaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!


Dimlos: Time to head to Belcrant!





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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