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Event Script


Fayte's Ship


Fayte: What happened? What’s going on!?


Johnny: Fayte, I see a light over there.


Fayte: What’s shining...?


Johnny: That is...

Johnny: Hey, get closer! Stan and the others are over there!




Stan: This is...?


Johnny: Oh, you've awakened.


Stan: Johnny-san, Fayte-san.


Fayte: We've rescued the others; don’t worry.


Stan: Why am I here...?


Johnny: Why?

Johnny: It looked like you were in a pinch so we came to get you.


Stan: And Rutee is...?


Fayte: She fell asleep after arriving. Her life is not in danger.


Stan: Is...that so...


Fayte: Stan-san!?


Johnny: It’s okay. He just went to sleep too.

Johnny: Take a good rest; that’s all you can do now.


(Seinegald Palace)


King: The Heaven-ling called Miktran...


Woodrow: Yes, he is the mastermind behind this.


King: Lion stealing the Eye of God... Hugo attacking Earth...

King: Sealing of the sky... and Greybum to begin with...

King: This was all Miktran's plan...

King: How... did he manage all this?


Woodrow: By manipulating people’s minds.


Philia: Also, with the power of Belserius.

Philia: Using all he came by.


Mary: We could only manage to escape; he is too powerful...


Woodrow: At least the Eye of God is …


King: No, our country will take responsibility for this.

King: Hugo came from this country in the first place.


Fayte: Let's come together to solve this.

Fayte: Though by coincidence, all three rulers are here.

Fayte: Let us think of a method of attack.


Johnny: All of Earth fighting Heaven. It’s like The War of Heaven and Earth has started again.


King: Swordian Masters. If you have anything to add, please let us hear.


Stan: We will go up there once more.

Stan: No matter how many times we must try, we will bring Miktran down.

Stan: Isn't that right, Dimlos?


Dimlos: Ah yes...of course...


Reynolds: Everyone...


Stan: Reynolds-san!?


Kongman: You’re injured. What happened!?


Reynolds: Sorry everyone... Radislowe has been captured...!


Dimlos: What?


Reynolds: While planning to escape, a Heaven-ling came and...

Reynolds: We... can't use the elevator any more...


Philia: What happened to Ritora?


Reynolds: Don't kn...


Rutee: Hurry, lend him a hand!


Woodrow: Without Radislowe, we don’t have a method to get up there.


Stan: No way...!


Seinegald Guard: Pardon me!


Dryden: What is it this time!?


Seinegald Guard: Cresta has been wiped out!

Seinegald Guard: A group of monsters came from the sky and attacked!


Rutee: Cresta!?


Dimlos: Damn Miktran...!

Dimlos: He is planning on crushing the Earth slowly just like before.


Dryden: Damn him, he would even attack a place with no army!?


Rutee: Why...! Stop, this is no joke!

Rutee: I must get there soon!


Dryden: Prepare a squad to leave at once.


Rutee: There is no way you would make it!


Stan: Wait, Rutee! I’m coming!


Rutee: Stan...


Stan: No... Make that all of us.


Philia: The situation calls for it.

Philia: It’s best since we can move the quickest.


King: ...Understood. Go now as we prepare to dispatch our troops.


Johnny: I’ll go too.


Stan: Johnny-san...?


Johnny: I should be able to lend a hand. I’m ready for battle too.

Johnny: Plus, it would be odd if nobody from Aquaveil was involved.


Fayte: Please don’t hold back; I will be fine by myself.


Stan: Thank you; it’s a big help.

Stan: Yes, let's leave for Cresta soon.



Johnny joins the party.



Stan: We must protect Cresta from the monsters. Let's hurry!

Rutee: Please be okay everyone...! Oneechan is coming soon...!



Stan: …

Philia: I don't know; it just turned out that way.

Stan: Hmm I see...

Rutee: I wonder if Philia heard what I said before.



Philia: Somosan!

Woodrow: Sepa!

(Some ridiculous discussion of Aquaveil’s history)

Stan: Wow, you two are amazing!



Woodrow: Somosan!

Philia: Sepa!

Johnny: Hold on, can I ask something?

Johnny: About Mathew.

Johnny: …

Philia: Ehh?

Woodrow: …

Johnny: Surprised? But it’s the truth.

Johnny: …

Philia: Frustrating...

Philia: Where did Johnny-san find out?

Philia: About Mathew Shiden...

Woodrow/Philia: Ahhhhhhh...



Stan: I feel stronger knowing that Johnny is with us.

Johnny: I wish we could’ve helped sooner.

Johnny: Well, treat me kindly.

Stan: Here too.



Kongman: You are Aquaveil's finest warrior, right? Are you that strong?

Johnny: I wonder, I haven't fought like that in a while.

Kongman: I am Noischtat’s Champion!

Kongman: I fight anyone to see who is stronger!

Mary: Kongman, what are you saying now...?



Woodrow: To get to Cresta, leave Darilsheid and head east.





summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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