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Event Script


Outside Reynolds' Lab


Stan: Wow, so this is the ultra pure Lens. They're quite big!


Reynolds: That’s because they are from the university. This amount is to be expected.


Philia: Looks like there can be a lot of power generated from these Lens.


Rutee: From those kinds of Lens, I wonder how much money you could...?


Atwight: Rutee, you don't need to worry about Lens like this anymore, right?


Rutee: That’s true but... when I see this... something kinda comes up in me...

Rutee: I wonder if it's the instinct of a former Lens Hunter...?


Wolt: Yo Bro, it's been a while.


Stan: Aaah, you--!

Stan: Uh...


Wolt: Wolt from the town of Harmentz.


Stan: Aaah...Wolt-san! Ah, ahhh...!


Wolt: It’s okay if you don't remember me.

Wolt: Listen to this, Bro. That’s quite some righteous work, isn't it?


Stan: It’s not really righteous. I'm just trying to do what I can.


Wolt: Allow me to lend you a hand. Hey, you guys!

Wolt: Here is all the Lens from Harmentz. Use them.


Stan: Thank you very much! You're a good guy, Wolt-san.


Wolt: Aaah, stop it.

Wolt: When I see you working so hard, it makes me want to get involved too.


Stan: Wolt-san...


Wolt: However, this is all I can do; we will definitely need your power.


Reynolds: Hold on, can I say something?


Woodrow: That’s right. Reynolds-kun has something to tell us.


Reynolds: Yes, the truth is that the amount of Lens we have is still not enough.


Rutee: Even though we have all this?


Reynolds: For this plan, if we don't have three times, no, four times as much as this...


Rutee: Somehow, I feel light-headed...


Wolt: Hahahaha! That’s a good one, (definitely not a time for fireworks?)


Woodrow: Saying that, it looks like Seinegald’s reserves are not enough, either.


Reynolds: So I have a request.

Reynolds: Could you go around the world and collect Lens?

Reynolds: I have no excuse for asking, but...


Stan: Don’t worry... we’ll help.


Reynolds: Thank you; you have saved me.

Reynolds: Please go to major towns around the world and collect Lens from them.

Reynolds: Places like Noischtat, Heidelberg, Kalviola, Toukei.


Woodrow: Where shall we gather them?


Reynolds: Yes, I will take care of that.


Stan: Then that’s easy; we’ll go soon.



Philia: In order to generate enough energy for the plan, we need to collect more Lens.

Woodrow: Noischtat, Heidelberg, Kalviola, Toukei, right?

Woodrow: After we've gone to those places, return to Seinegald Castle.

Rutee: I wonder how much it will all be worth.



Stan: What is your dream for the future, Chelsea?

Johnny: I don't think you should ask.

Chelsea: I will be a bride! Of course the groom is Woodrow-sama!

Johnny: See...

Stan: Chelsea is amazing. You have such a clear dream.

Johnny: Less of a dream, more of a relentless ambition.



Chelsea: How do you come up with your music, Johnny-san?

Johnny: Good question. Look over there.

Chelsea: Kongman-san and Philia-san, right?

Mary: Hm, Kongman has stuff coming out of his nose.

Chelsea: Philia-san turned him down again.

Mary: Kongman fell.

Johnny: Johnny number 11, the randy Kongman.

Johnny: You with me~~

Chelsea: I understand well now.



Philia: It’s kind of mysterious, huh?

Rutee: What is?

Kongman: What is it, Philia-san?

Philia: After the mission with the Eye of God, I was sure we would not meet again.

Johnny: It’s a miracle that we met again due to the circumstances.

Kongman: Philia-san and I met again due to fate!

Rutee: Please Kong, don't spoil the atmosphere.



Mary: Just how was this arrangement conceived?

Woodrow: Is something troubling you?

Mary: I heard Johnny's song, but how does it calm the heart...?

Chelsea: That IS quite mysterious. I also have become energetic from it.

Johnny: Ataru (a hit)~~! Shibireru (to become numb/sleepy)~~!

Mary: It is very strange how it affects us.



Chelsea: What to you plan to do after this battle is over, Woodrow-sama?

Woodrow: Return to Phandaria, and succeed to the throne.

Chelsea: Have you though about what to do about a wife?

Woodrow: That’s right; that is important for a king.

Chelsea: I can fill that position for you!

Woodrow: Then Alba-sensei would be mad at me.

Clemente: Woodrow is a very considerate man. Letting her down softly every time.

Philia: An adult, right...



Woodrow: Heidelberg is the closest from here, right?

Woodrow: Lets collect the Lens from there.


(Heidelberg Castle)


Darzen: Your Majesty! We are glad that you have returned safely!

Darzen: We have collected all the Lens. Please take it!


Woodrow: In such hard times, I am sorry to ask this of the country.


Darzen: What are you saying? The will of his majesty is the will of the country of Phandaria as well.

Darzen: Leave the monsters to us. We will never let them harm our homeland.


Woodrow: I'll leave it to you, Darzen.

Woodrow: It is only a bit longer until we stop this. Please hold out until we do.


Darzen: Yes! Even if it costs me my life!

Darzen: Chelsea, protect the king well.


Chelsea: Leave it to me!


Darzen: Please, everyone else as well.



Obtained Lens reserve.





Kongman: From here, Noischtat is the closest place, right?

Kongman: Let's get some Lens from there.




Man: This is all the Lens from Noischtat!


Kongman: Alright! Good job everyone! Hahahaha!


Man: The battle against the monsters is going well too.

Man: Everyone is protecting the city, regardless of wealth or class!


Stan: If Ilene-san could hear this, she would be happy...


Philia: That’s right...


Kongman: Everyone, hold out a bit more.

Kongman: Champion Kongman-sama will knock out the evil!


Crowd: Mighty! Mighty! Mighty!


Kongman: Everyone here is my power, leave it to me,(filler, was not listening...) Gahahaha!



Obtained Lens reserve.





Johnny: I think that Toukei is near this area.

Johnny: Why don't we pick up some Lens?


(Toukei Castle)


Johnny: Yo, Fayte and Leianna, you two look good together as usual.


Leianna: Johnny, is your body okay? Please don't exceed your limits.


Johnny: Oh, don't worry about me too much. Fayte gets jealous you know.


Fayte: No matter what happens, you’ll never change.


Woodrow: We will be taking the Lens; we owe you one.


Fayte: This is all of Aquaveil’s; I hope you can do something with this.

Fayte: Though it is not much...


Stan: Nothing like that! Thank you for cooperating.


Leianna: Johnny, there was one more thing that we wanted to tell you about.


Johnny: You guys are going to have a child?


Fayte: Well, pretty much.


Johnny: Whew! You guys did it!


Leianna: And so Johnny, we wanted you to name the child.

Leianna: So...


Johnny: ...'Come back safe,' huh?

Johnny: My, my, that’s some serious pressure you’re putting on me.


Fayte: We’re counting on you, Johnny.


Johnny: I know.



Obtained Lens reserve.





Philia: Kalviola should be close to this area.

Philia: Let us receive some Lens from there.




Philia: There is nobody here, huh...


Woodrow: Are they telling us to just take them and go?


Dimlos: Looks like the people here will still need some time.


Stan: Even so, they left the Lens for us. It’s a step.

Stan: Though it may be small, it’s progress, surely.


Philia: That’s right!



Obtained Lens reserve.



Stan: With this, we have visited everywhere.

Stan: Lets hurry back to Seinegald Castle and give the Lens to Reynolds-san.


(Outside Darilsheid's Lab)


Reynolds: This is it, huh...


Stan: Reynolds-san, we got all the Lens.


Reynolds: Good job! Sorry to run you around.


Woodrow: This is the ultra-pure Lens power converter, right?


Reynolds: Yes, it’s nearly complete.


Stan: Really? Alright!


Reynolds: The truth is, I would like to make it better, but for our purposes, this will have to do.

Reynolds: We have to go soon after all.


Philia: Is it bad if we wait any longer?


Reynolds: It's okay; we have the Lens now.

Reynolds: I'll show you what the university can do.


Rutee: Now that you mention it, where are the members of the university?


Reynolds: Well, they have already come.

Reynolds: I will go over the plan with them.


Stan: I see; it'll be fun.


Woodrow: Well, shall we go report to the king?


Stan: Of course.


Reynolds: 'Fun,' huh...


(Throne Room)


King: Swordian Team, good work.

King: As soon as the Lens device is complete, we can finally execute the plan.

King: I wish for everything to go well tomorrow.


Atwight: Tomorrow...


Dimlos: Tomorrow...!?


King: I would like everyone to rest well tonight within the town.

King: (For the time being, rest in the town's inn.)?

King: I would like to do something better... but there is no time, sorry.


Woodrow: No, it’s the thought that counts; you have our thanks.


Johnny: Well, let's go back to town. … .



Johnny: …



Philia: …

Philia: …

Kongman: …

Johnny: …

Kongman: …

Kongman: …

Philia: …

Johnny: …

Philia: …

Kongman: …

Johnny: …

Johnny: …



summary needed



Translated by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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