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Event Script


Leane, One Year Later


Lilith: Oniichan, breakfast is ready. Wake... up already.


Stan: Good morning, Lilith.


Lilith: ...Oniichan, you actually woke yourself up.


Stan: I can't annoy you forever.


Lilith: That’s so... boring.


Stan: And...

Stan: Because today is special. I wanted to wake up early.


Lilith: I see...

Lilith: It’s been awhile since you were with everyone.


Stan: That’s right...




Kongman: Yo! Stan, you look good!


Stan: You too, Kongman.

Stan: I’m so happy to meet everyone again.

Stan: What the-? Woodrow-san, have you begun acting as king yet?


Woodrow: Ahem... it’s been awhile. Well, do I look like one?


Stan: Yeah, you look cool. I can tell.


Chelsea: Right, right! Woodrow-sama is definitely the best!


Stan: What are you doing now, Chelsea?


Chelsea: I’m with Grandpa as usual.

Chelsea: Preparing for the day that I become a bride.


Stan: Haha... and Mary-san looks the same as always.


Mary: Make sure to come down to Cyril some time.

Mary: Dalis also can't wait to see you again.


Stan: Sounds good.


Kongman: You can always find me at the Noischtat area too.


Stan: You’re still a champion, right?


Kongman: Gahahaha! Of course! My strength will never fade!


Stan: Johnny-san, wrote a new song?


Johnny: Well guessed. This song should bring in women everywhere.

Johnny: They are sure to be beautiful too.


Stan: I think that Philia’s aura changed a bit. Maybe, more mature.


Philia: Is that so? I don't really know myself, though.


Kongman: Philia-san is getting more and more wonderful.


Philia: T-thanks...


Stan: It’s been a year, huh...


Philia: "In a year, I would like to meet everyone at my house."

Philia: When Stan-san said that, I was worried not everyone would remember, but...


Johnny: Everyone’s here.


Mary: Everyone came from all over, right?


Stan: Rutee... she didn't come...


Woodrow: Someone should look for her, Stan-kun.


Stan: Nah, I thought she wouldn't. And she didn't.


Philia: Why did you think that?


Stan: Because one year ago, she said that she probably wouldn’t...

Stan: I didn't even get that answer, and she didn’t come...


Philia: ...And?


Johnny: And?


Mary: And?


Kongman: And?


Chelsea: And?


Woodrow: And?


Stan: What, what? What’s with everyone having that scheming look...?


Rutee: And? What did you decide?


Stan: Rutee!?


Rutee: Iyaa!


Stan: AH!?

Stan: Where did you come from!?


Rutee: Anywhere is good. Geez, you look pitiful.

Rutee: How did you decide that I wouldn’t visit?

Rutee: That’s rude of you to say to me.


Stan: If anyone got that answer, they would think so...


Rutee: Even I was looking forward to it. I even got packed up.


Stan: Eh...? That means...


Rutee: That means, I have my answer from one year ago.

Rutee: Eh, everyone’s here!

Rutee: I, Rutee Kartret, and he, Stan Aileron!

Rutee: Will be traveling together!


Stan: Eeeh!


Woodrow: Aa...

Philia: Ma...

Kongman: Aaa!

Mary: Ah!

Johnny: Ho!

Chelsea: Aa!


Rutee: I don't know what’ll happen from here on out, but wish us well!

Rutee: Hey Stan, greet them too.


Stan: Eh? A, uh...thanks.


Philia: Do your best, Stan-san, Rutee-san.


Woodrow: I am looking forward to your exploits.


Mary: Stay well.


Kongman: If you’re around, come see me.


Johnny: Well, everything is timing.


Chelsea: You two look good together.


Stan: Well, this is, uh...

Stan: What do you call it, well...

Stan: Hahaha...


In the end...

Right now, the world is slowly beginning to recover.

Even though the outer wall didn’t fall, it looks like it will take some time.

Even now, people still get lost, or even mess up.

There are hard times, and even times when we are disheartened.

Even so, we must press on with our own will.

The responsibility of the future, I think we all carry it.

You'll probably get worried hearing that, but if you are anywhere under this vast sky, please think of us...








To our friends for life, sincerely, Stan Aileron




summary needed



Translation by Richard Meadows (Kirby)


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